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What Our Patients Are Saying

Carrie Q.
“I’m a 59 y/o female. I have spent my entire life battling depression and anxiety. I have taken more antidepressants than I can name. I’ve also taken anti anxiety meds for many years. I’ve abused alcohol and pills in order to not feel the feelings of both depression and anxiety. Of course alcohol abuse made everything worse. I’ve had more than one self destructive incidences in my lifetime, and am lucky to be alive. When Dr. Cabisudo was suggested to me ,with the possibility of TMS I was holding on by my fingertips. So very tired of this lifelong battle. I was ready to give anything a try, no matter how unconventional. Firstly , Dr. Cabisudo is the kindest , professional man along with his colleague Suat. After approximately 3-4 treatments I noticed a difference, not as depressed. I can say now , after 3-4 weeks I feel very good. Almost afraid to say it hoping this feeling of contentment and happiness won’t go away. Life always will throw poop at you, but it’s a great feeling to be able to deal with life and continue on rather than climbing into bed and having thoughts of ending this life . I am now appreciating my life and living it .I highly recommend Dr Cabisudo who is a kind professional and his assistant Suat who is a pleasure to talk with.The procedure itself is easy to tolerate and has been a miracle for me. I recommend giving it a try if depression and anxiety have been a problem in your life .Thanks Be 😊.”

Piera C.

5starsDr. Robert Gentile and Dr. Cabisudo are the best! I have worked in psych services In patient and out patient for over 18 years and have come across many psychiatrists… and these two doctors by far are my favorite. NOT ONLY do they see me as a patient, they also see other family members as well as friends and co workers I have referred them to. They go above and beyond to help you out. They are amazing!”

Andrea S.
5stars“I have been going to Vitality for quite a few years and I am very satisfied with the treatment I have received. I have made more progress with Eleanor, my therapist, then I ever had with any other.”

William S.
5stars“I am having a lot of difficulty with my illness and dealing with life. The staff Doctors, and therapist are very helpful. They have been patient with me and are helping me greatly with my illness. If something doesn’t seem like its working all work together to find the right mix to make me feel better. I am getting better but they help me to understand that it takes time.”

Jennifer T.
4stars“I’ve worked in the field of behavioral health/psychiatry for quite a while. This practice has any/all sub specialties in the world of behavioral health you may need on an outpatient basis. The Director is extremely bright, responsive and kind. They are extremely busy, however, so the only reason I didn’t give them five stars is due to the slow response of the call center/reception staff. Be persistent in this case; you’ll get an appointment!”

Donald O.
5stars“Dr. Cabisudo is an amazing professional who is brilliant and extremely effective in diagnosing and caring for his patients. His expertise in the field has been demonstrated in all cases referred and personally there is no other doctor or group of professionals to compare to. Vitality Psychiatry is a part of the Hudson Valley community, which an empathetic facility… placing patient’s needs first. Thank you for your services!”

Francis O.
5stars“My experience at Vitality was nice and calm i am a new patient i got there late 40 min .dew to traffic i was greeted nicely and they found a way to fit me in that was a first for me. And the dr, Dr Bob is very good and very thorough. It was a very good experience if your looking for a office for yourself or someone else this is the place to go also the ladies at the front desk were very professional and welcoming looking forward to my next visit.”

Jackelyn C.
5stars“The staff is super friendly. Overall great , always listening to my concerns regarding my son medical attention and needs. Taking the time to explain everything . Very knowledgeable.”

Catherine R.
5stars“Dr Cabisuto is excellent at what he does. He strives to help his patients and works with them.
He actually listens and offers options.”

Sheila P.
5stars“They are so friendly and make you feel like you’re talking to your best friend. They listen to me and don’t have their faces in a computer. It’s eye to eye contact. I recommend who needs to talk to someone,, here is your answer.”

Ann H.
5stars“Always treated with treated with respect. I feel I am care for very well”

5stars“Annie is absolutely wonderful & has been of great help to make me feel at ease & someone I can connect with.
Your office staff is very efficient with accommodating me in any way”…..

5stars“Reception staff are great”

5stars“I have been seeing Dr. Cabisudo for over 1 yr now. He is warm, compassionate and easy to talk to.
He listened and comes up with the best solution possible for you.
He is very to the point but in a kind way. He is open to new ideas if you do research on your condition and treatment.
I highly recommend Dr. Cabisudo as a psychiatrist and Anne K for therapy. She is great as well.
Thank you Vitality!”

5stars“The Vitality staff has become like family to me. It has made me feel welcome and has allowed to to open myself into accepting help”

5stars“Dr. Cabisudo is great and has really helped my daughter I have referred many people to him”

5stars“Dr. Cabisudo is wonderful very happy with him and the staff at the front desk are very well mannered and makes u feel comfortable”