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Patient Comments

"For more than half my life I've suffered from anxiety and depression and medications didn't help. I felt no happiness or joy. Dr. Cabisudo mentioned TMS treatment as another way to treat depression and anxiety once I tried TMS, I started feeling better right away. I'm so grateful for him and I am happier, & more motivated to live my life again."
Debbie F.
"After years of struggling with depression I was very skeptical that some machine was going to change my life. However, from the first session when Dr. C said "welcome to the first day of your new life" I could tell my life was going to change for the better. Almost instantly things were changing for me: I had more energy, I was genuinely happy, and my friends and family could tell I was finally taking control of my life in a positive way. To anyone on the fence/hesitant to try TMS, I only have one question: what's your best life worth to you? Because the answer is TMS for sure."
Mark S.
“As always, my meeting with Dr. Cabisudo was excellent. Unlike many other physicians, he listens to all his patients' concerns and takes them seriously. He is caring and compassionate and willing to work with you for as long as necessary to make sure that you are receiving the best possible treatment. And he can be contacted via e-mail, which is a rarity and a godsend when a patient needs attention or an answer right away”
Dale C.
“Hello ,TMS Therapy has begun to changed my life. I have been suffering from depression and anxiety for most of my adult life. I am feeling like a new person and my family says that they are glad to finally see me happy again. During the TMS therapy I noticed major improvements. I started to feel more awake and alert. I have more energy and I feel I am starting to thinking more clearly. This treatment has given me hope and I am starting to adjust my medications to eventually be taken off of them. I highly recommend TMS treatment with Dr. Cabisudo and his team at Vitality Physicians group. They have made my experience very comfortable and with ease without any worries.”
Dominick C.
"I’m a 59 y/o female. I have spent my entire life battling depression and anxiety. I have taken more antidepressants than I can name. I’ve also taken anti anxiety meds for many years. I’ve abused alcohol and pills in order to not feel the feelings of both depression and anxiety. Of course alcohol abuse made everything worse. I’ve had more than one self destructive incidences in my lifetime, and am lucky to be alive. When Dr. Cabisudo was suggested to me ,with the possibility of TMS I was holding on by my fingertips. So very tired of this lifelong battle. I was ready to give anything a try, no matter how unconventional. Firstly , Dr. Cabisudo is the kindest , professional man along with his colleague Suat. After approximately 3-4 treatments I noticed a difference, not as depressed. I can say now , after 3-4 weeks I feel very good. Almost afraid to say it hoping this feeling of contentment and happiness won’t go away. Life always will throw poop at you, but it’s a great feeling to be able to deal with life and continue on rather than climbing into bed and having thoughts of ending this life . I am now appreciating my life and living it .I highly recommend Dr Cabisudo who is a kind professional and his assistant Suat who is a pleasure to talk with.The procedure itself is easy to tolerate and has been a miracle for me. I recommend giving it a try if depression and anxiety have been a problem in your life"
Carrie Q