Guilderland / Albany, NY

Mitchell Cabisudo, M.D.
Child and Adult Psychiatrist

Mitchell Cabisudo MDr. Mitchell Cabisudo is a double board certified child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist who has been trained in different schools of psychotherapy and has in-depth knowledge and understanding of the use of life-saving medications. Dr. Cabisudo crucially understands the limitations and unfortunate repercussions of the use of medication. Therefore prior to contemplating to prescribing, he integrates the basic fundamentals yet profound complexities surrounding a person's life which can significantly dictate the overall changes in one's behavior and emotions. He uses a complete approach to client care, and encourages his clients to participate in their treatment plan and care. His philosophy is to “listen, learn, and help” accommodating each client’s lifestyle.

Dr. Cabisudo immediately identified a need for quality mental health care in the Hudson Valley community and cofounded Vitality Physicians Group Practice. He built this practice with the goal of helping anyone, no matter their age or location, overcome mental illness. He is also certified in delivering TMS or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy. This safe and effective treatment for depression has been FDA cleared since 2008 as an alternative for patients who do not respond to multiple trials of medication.

Our three locations are designed and maintained to provide an atmosphere free of judgment and discrimination as one may experience in a hospital or regular doctor's office. Our highly trained and compassionate clinicians at Vitality use the latest innovations in psychiatric care, including telepsychiatry for the delivery of psychiatric assessment and care through videoconferencing.

Joseph Ali
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Joseph Ali

During the course of my 25 years of working in the field of psychiatry I have operated on a few core principals of care.  I inherently understand that therapeutic rapport founded on compassion and trust is essential.  That individuals are not defined by mental illness but simply challenged by symptoms in their day to day life.  My goal is to meet that challenge in a collaborative style that involves listening to my clients carefully and applying a critical thought process which allows the selection of the most effective medication to target their symptoms.  The ultimate goal is to restore individuals to their optimum functioning so they may enjoy life to the fullest.

  As a psychiatric nurse practitioner, I draw on my experience working at psychiatric hospital inpatient settings, adolescent/ adult partial hospitalization programs and community based clinic settings, in an effort to bring well rounded experience to my practice at Vitality Psychiatry’s Group.

Melanie Gilmore-Styles
Licensed Mental Health Counselor‚Äč

Melanie Gilmore StylesMelanie knew she was a “people person” and “problem solver” at an early age. Her love of people is what drove her to become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a PhD in Educational Psychology from Argosy University.  Melanie Styles Melanie believes in taking a more personalized approach to therapy modalities and assessment tools to ensure the best treatment plan is given to each patient.

‚ÄčIn 1995 she began her career as a therapist at a local group home for at-risk youth aged 6 to 14.  Melanie currently is a Primary Therapist with Vitality Physicians Group Practice and works in collaboration with Vitality’s treatment team of Therapists, Nurse Practitioners and Psychiatrists for the best therapy treatment for all patients.  Melanie specializes in child play therapy, individual adult therapy and couples/marital counseling to help people navigate through the difficulties of life. Melanie engages in eclectic approach to therapy modalities and assessment tools to ensure the best treatment plan is given to each patient.

 Andrea Horowitz
Licensed Mental Health Counsellor
AndreaI am Licensed Mental Health counseling and Distance Credentialed Counselor with a focus on Anxiety, Trauma and Addiction.  I am  Graduate of the University at Albany and the College if Saint Rose.  My additional training includes training in EMDR, Motivational Interviewing,  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Equine Facilitated therapy and the use of technology in counseling.  I believe that all people have the ability to live a life that they love and therapy can be a great tool to get them there.

Mark Leach
Licensed Mental Health Counsellor
Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor

Mark LeachMark is a Licensed Mental Health and Certified Substance Abuse Counselor who took a talent for listening to others and developed a passion for helping individuals become who they were meant to be. He graduated from Oswego State University with Bachelor's in Psychology and a master's in Mental Health Counseling.  Since that time, he has worked in outpatient, inpatient, and residential programs for individuals with mental health concerns as well as addictions and is acutely aware of the daily struggles faced by those trying to better their lives.  Mark specializes in using CBT and DBT techniques to aid adolescents and adults in building mastery in their ability to cope during their journey of change.

Stephanie Stolar
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Stephanie StolarStephanie has been accompanying people from all walks of life in their healing journeys since 2006. Her main specialty is working with clients who have experienced some type of trauma, including male survivors of sexual abuse, incest survivors, domestic violence, sexual assault, and many other traumas that people have been through. She also has expertise in helping clients through issues that can develop when trying to cope with the trauma, including substance abuse, various addictions including sex and love addiction, eating disorders, health problems, relationship and sexual difficulties, anxiety, depression, and others. She also has an affinity with clients who identify as LGBTQ, and has supported them through the many challenges that they face, including transitioning, coming out, discrimination, identity development, sexuality, and others. Stephanie is also a Certified Yoga Teacher, adding to her holistic approach to healing, seeing the person as not just a body or mind, but also as a heart, soul, and spirit, with all being part of the whole person. Her approach to therapy is eclectic, using whatever techniques or theories work for each individual, but having a main focus of building trust, safety, and comfort. She can see adolescents and adults up to any age.